10 Best Websites To Create Instagram Stories And Videos

10 Best Websites To Create Instagram Stories And Videos:- Thousands of brands are making use of Instagram stories and videos to promote their brands. Instagram is recognized as one of the most prominent social media platforms that have showcased advertising efficiency. Brands across the globe are creating unique, engaging, and informational videos for the sole purpose of increasing their customer base. 

Marketing gurus are well aware of how quintessential it is to create engaging content for their Instagram followers. However, the real question is- how to create Instagram stories that people follow in the first place. Well, thanks to technology, you will stumble across a myriad of websites that allow you to create eye-catching content for your Instagram. Let’s take a look at the online Insta Stories maker. 

10 Websites To Create Stunning Instagram Story And Videos

1) Vista Create

VistaCreate formally known as Crello is a top-notch website to create fun and cute Instagram stories and videos in only a few minutes. The tool boasts a point-and-click feature with which you can experiment with your creativity and even access a variety of images and videos.

The website library features over 1200+ static Instagram content designs and 450+ videos due to which rest assured that you’ll find something unique for your content strategy. 

2) Canva

Canva is another popular website that a plethora of brands has started using to create content. The website is quite a catch for editing videos and images. What makes this app stand out from the others is that it offers a multitude of templates.

With a huge range of choices in colors, it is obvious that you will create some of the most aesthetically pleasing content for your brand. 

3) FlexClip

FlexClip is a brilliant editing tool that is another easy way to create Instagram videos. The website boasts some of the most excellent features that let you add free music, video clips, photos, and other elements to your videos. The website allows you to create videos effortlessly.

All you need to do is import videos and photos from your device, add music, text, and other special effects, and lastly, export the video in distinguishing ratios and definitions based on the app you want to upload it on. 

4) Placeit

Placeit is a distinctive industry-leading tool by Envato and is one of the quickest methods of designing Instagram stories and videos. The website allows you a chance at telling your story to your viewers. This video maker boasts several outstanding and panoramic templates that will leave you in awe.

To create videos, you only need to follow 3 primary steps- choose your desired Instagram story template depending on your objective, import and upload the logo, colors, change texts, music, and font, and export and further download/ publish the Instagram story video. 

5) Bannersnack

Bannersnack is a striking Instagram story website created to help you gain an online presence, new followers, and ultimately boost sales. The exquisite online tool helps you create some of the most spectacular videos and stories instantly. You don’t have to be a professional to create high-quality videos.

With ready-made templates, high-quality stock images, icons, and shapes, fancy typography, premium animation effects, and much more, create only the most appealing videos. 

6) PixTeller – video marketing tools

PixTeller is a high-quality editing tool that digital marketers and brands across the world are using to expand their Instagram followers and boost sales. This website offers a wide range of editing tools with which you can create some of the most elegant and fascinating videos.

The website boasts over 1.5 million illustrations and photos so you can choose from abundant options.


Video content is leading the industry of digital marketing like there is no tomorrow. Edit is one website that has made successful video marketing possible. The website boasts over a hundred modifiable template designs so that you can create fun-loving and engrossing video stories.

The online software is free to access and you do not have to download any software or pay a single penny to use it. 

8) Biteable

Biteable is a fun video editing tool to use while creating knowledgeable, aesthetic, and cutesy stories. This online website is rated as one of the top as some of the most prestigious brands like Cisco, Microsoft( AirBus, and so on use it to design content that fits their marketing needs.

The website is extremely easy to use and navigate. With abundant templates and some of the most impeccable features, you are bound to create some of the most promising content for your viewers. 

9) Magisto

Magisto is a premium editing tool that allows you to create striking and pleasing content for your Instagram feeds. Unlike your standard video editing tools, this tool is exclusively designed to help you create feed videos that look polished and professional. On uploading the videos to the Magisto Editor, you can choose a template from a wide range of options, along with apt music.

The AI-powered video editor knows how to analyze your video and further edit it to blend well with your Instagram feed. It is moreover compatible with iOS as well as Android devices. Best Websites To Create Instagram Stories And Videos.

10) InVideo – instagram tools

InVideo is also one of the best tools. This online video-making tool lets you create only Stunning Instagram stories and Videos. It offers over 3000 designer templates that are made of text, audio, and text.

These templates are a real deal-breaker when it comes to creating stories and vlogs that will help you stand out as a brand. It is an easy editor wherein you can use abundant templates that fit perfectly with your content. 

Bottom Line –

10 Websites To Create Stunning Instagram Story And Videos:- Social media marketing is an excellent approach to marketing your brand as a whole. There is no better way of improving your marketing strategy than adding video marketing tools to it. It is an enhanced way of broadcasting your content and telling your viewers and potential customers what your brand is all about. 

These are some of the most well-known and high-quality Instagram editing tools that you can utilize to create professional, premium, and knowledgeable videos about your brand. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, cut down costs on marketing by using your creativity to create some fun videos.

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