What is Potato PC | Potato Computer Explained in Detail

What is Potato PC, Potato Computer Explained in Detail:- What comes to your mind when you listen to the word potato pc? Does it means a computer size of a potato or does it smells like a potato? This term sounds a little strange. In reality, it has a different meaning.

When I first time listened to this word I didn’t understand it. I searched the internet for long hours then I came to know the meaning of the potato pc. I was confused that why people say potato to a fully functional PC.

Then after some time, I came to know that ‘Potato PC’ or ‘Potato Computer’ means a very slow computer or an old computer that is not in a position to run games and do other stuff. Generally, due to poor or old hardware, software, and specifications. Usually, the potato computer runs very slowly and even they lag so many times which made them tough to use.

People who play games on an old or a shit computer/laptop are not able to get playable frame rates. Such a computer can be called a potato pc. Keep in mind that your CPU can also be a “Potato CPU”.

If you have an old pc that is of no use to you then just give it to some small child or through it in the dustbin because it’s bad for the environment as it will consume a lot of power while giving you little performance.

potato pc

Another aspect of ‘potato pc’:

The potato also has chemical properties that can generate electricity for a short duration of time. If we take lots of potatoes and connect them through wires, if we do it correctly we can produce electricity and can even run a computer so this could also be a potato computer or potato pc.

I have also seen a video on youtube related to ‘potato computer’ but I have a doubt that the video was fake. In the video, a person connects a potato with a laptop wire and the computer shows the sign of charging and suddenly turn off due to low battery.

If someone says to you that you have a ‘potato pc’ then remember that he is making fun of your computer as he wants to say that your computer is slow and really bad and now time for a change.

If your pc is old like before 2014 then keep in mind that your modern smartphone is much more powerful than your potato pc.

Specifications of Potato Computer:

Potato meaning in gaming:- Potato PC is a really low-end PC that can even struggle in doing basic stuff, remember I said basic and may be able to run some games on low settings, like GTA SA, Half-Life, Tekken 3, StarCraft, etc. It cannot run above office 2003 and even 1080p videos struggle, the resolution is limited to 1280×720 and framerates are no more than a 24-30fps.

No latest game could be run on this PC mentioned above so we can call this PC a Potato laptop also.

As technology improves the old pc will become a potato pc without doing anything.

So now the question arises that how to choose a good PC? (my computer is a potato). There are usually three things to keep in mind when you are going to get a gaming pc:-

1.  Powerful Processor (Intel i9 12900k or AMD Ryzen 9 6950x)

2. Powerful Graphic Card (RTX 3090 or 3080 or AMD 6900XT)

3. Sufficient Memory & Storage (16GB RAM Minimum and 1TB SSD as ROM)

Other than this you can also check a few secondary things:

1. Good Motherboard with lots of features.

2. Water Cooling for overclocking

3. Well-built Cabinet

4. Good Power Supply

5. Adequate Ports For Connectivity (USB-C Thunderbolt, HDMI 2.0, etc.)

6. High-Quality 1440p monitor with a 120hz display or more.

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