Potato Computer (PC): Everything You Need To Know (March 2018)

Potato Computer (PC): Everything You Need To Know (March 2018):- What comes to your mind when you listen potato pc? Does it means a computer size of a potato or does it smells like a potato? This term sounds little strange. In reality, it has a different meaning.

When I first time listen to the word I didn’t understand it. I searched the internet for long hours then I came to know the meaning of the potato pc. I was confused that why people say potato to fully functional PC.

The ‘Potato PC’ or ‘Potato Computer’ means a very slow computer or an old computer which is not in a position to run games. Generally, due to poor Hardware, software and specifications. Usually, the potato computer runs very slowly and even they lag so many times which made them tough to use.

People who play games on an old or a shit computer/laptop are not able to get playable frame rates. The computer they have are called as potato pc.

Potato Computer (PC): Everything You Need To Know (March 2018)Another Aspect of ‘potato computer’:

The potato also has chemical properties which can generate electricity for some time. If we take lots of potatoes and connect them through wires, if we do it correctly we can produce electricity and can even run a computer so this could also be potato computer or potato pc.

Potato Computer (PC): Everything You Need To Know (March 2018) 

I have also seen a video on youtube related to ‘potato pc’ but I have a doubt that the video was fake. In the video, a person connects a potato with a laptop wire and the computer shows the sign of charging and suddenly turn off due to low battery.

If someone says to you that you have a ‘potato pc’ then remember that he is making fun of your computer as he wants to say that your computer is slow and really bad and now time for a change.

Potato Computer (PC): Everything You Need To Know (March 2018)…….comment down what are your views on it.

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