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Top 5 Things we can do with 10GB RAM Smartphone

Top 5 Things we can do with 10GB RAM Smartphone:- Today almost all the companies are working to give 10GB RAM in their flagship phones. According to the current information, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo has made a smartphone that has 10GB RAM. In 2018 we will see more phones with a higher GB of RAM. Now let’s come to the point What Top 10 Things we can do with a 10GB RAM Smartphone? Today we will try to understand what we can achieve with a 10GB RAM Smartphone.

1. Gaming will be the fastest ever on a smartphone.

The games will be super smooth with the highest frame rates. You will never feel lagging on in your phone. Even the computer or console games will run very smoothly with maxed-out frame rates. Whether it is Witcher 3 or GTA 5 every game could be playable if ported to Android or ios.

Technically, mobile Graphics are integrated into the Chipset and these Graphics is fully dependent on the RAM for its GPU memory. If the smartphone will have more RAM then GPU could take more juice from the RAM for Graphic intensive games. This will result in faster and smoother gameplay in each and every game.

2. Multi-tasking will be astonishing.

More RAM means more Apps in the background. Truly speaking, more RAM will give you more power to open up apps, games, and other programs in the background. Simply you could open hundreds of programs in the background and resume whenever you want.

3. Video rendering will become the task of the mobile.

With a large amount of RAM on the phone, you could render high quilty videos easily.  Generally, rendering is the task of a computer but if the phone has a large amount of RAM and a high-grade processor then it will become a very easy task for a phone too. Currently, there is no app in the play store which required 10GB of RAM but if the phone comes then the high-end app will also come.

4. Loading times will be reduced to nothing.

Genuinely a phone with 10 GB RAM does not need more time to load apps and games. The phone will store games and apps in its catch so will never feel the delay in opening an app or game. The app will open in the blink of your eye.

5. A smartphone will be able to provide power to the computer.

The phones will be able to give power to the laptops and desktops. Simply if you are running a high-end game on your PC you could provide it with more performance boost with your phone. Companies like Razer and Samsung have already visioned this, and they are working on it. With 10GB RAM, it would be incredible.

Other Top 5 Things we can do with 10GB RAM Smartphone

We could open even 1000 tabs of the browsers.

Even a software with bug also run smooth.

Your phone will become future-proof for many years.

The phones will have a special game mode for playing console games.

The phone will be VR and AR ready.

What are your views on the Top 5 Things we can do with a 10GB RAM Smartphone……comment in the comment section down below.

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