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How To Reduce Data Usage On Android | 8 Simple Steps

How To Reduce Data Usage On Android:- In the past few years, mobile data consumption has increased rapidly. While the data has been cheaper, its consumption has also increased in the same proportion. Apps are now consuming more data and are continually receiving app updates. So know the ways to reduce and limit data usages.

In the beginning, most of the text was used during web surfing, but now photos and videos are an important part of it. Video streaming services are being used extensively and the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have increased. Video Services is one of the key features of these apps. All of them have a question about how to save data. When there is data consumption around, then how do we use the data properly so that our pockets do not have to be burdened too much.

Today we will know about the ways that can help you to reduce the consumption of data on mobile phones. Let’s know some great tips for ‘How To Reduce Data Usage On Android Smartphones’.

Disable Automatic App Updates

The best way to reduce mobile data consumption is to Disable Automatic App Updates. Go to the Play Store and then tap on Menu> Settings> Auto-update apps. Now, select ‘Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only. You can also choose the option of ‘Do not auto-update apps but keep in mind that continuously updating apps manually.

Fewer Data Consuming Versions

Yes, this is also a way to save data. Nowadays there are Fewer Data Consuming Versions of many apps. These include apps such as Facebook Light, Messenger Light, Twitter Lite In addition to less data consumption, these apps also consume less storage space.

Data Restructuring

There is a big hand of those apps which are used to play in the background in the consumption of data in Android smartphones. Due to these apps, much data is wasted. With Background Data Restructuring, you can save this consumption. This means that when you have to use the app, it will not be opened, otherwise, it will be closed. You can view this option by going to Data Usage in Settings. Here you will find all the information about the data consumption by every app.

Limit the Data

Do you know that you can Limit the Data to your Android smartphone? Go to Settings and set a limit for mobile data. By setting> Data usage> Billing cycle> Data limit, you can decide the maximum limit of data (according to your need). Alternatively, you can opt for automatic disconnection. That is, when the limit of the data set is over, then the internet connection will close automatically. (How To Reduce Data Usage On Android)

Set A Lower Resolution

Online video streaming is the fastest-growing trend these days. However, if we set the resolution when viewing the video, we can save the data. If HD resolution consumes more video data then you can set the HD video to Wi-Fi in the app. You can Set A Lower Resolution for video streaming.

Auto-Download Over Wifi Only

The most exchanged in instant messaging apps are video and photos. It has an auto-download option that means that whenever a user shares photos and videos in a group or you share them on your phone. You can choose the option of Auto Download Over Wifi Only. That is, download the manual to the media you need and save the data. Turn Off Notifications

Do your daytime notifications come even in your smartphone? Do you think these notifications are not for your work and the biggest thing is to consume data too? Most of these are e-commerce applications. Try to Turn Off Notifications. This can be done by going to the app’s settings. Closing push notifications will also reduce your data consumption.

Offline Saving

There are many apps like Google Docs and Google Maps that can be used offline. Apart from this, online music streaming apps also get the option of Offline Saving. That means when you are on Wi-Fi, save songs offline. Play the songs whenever you want and it will not even need the internet.

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