Graphic Card – AMD or NVIDIA, Integrated or Dedicated Cards

Graphic Card Explained – AMD or NVIDIA, Integrated or Dedicated Cards:I think Everyone has heard about graphics cards but do you know what exactly it is? Graphics Cards are the most important part of a computer (Laptop or Desktop). A graphics card serves many features to a PC user. The ultimate goal of a graphics card is to display more rich and dense graphics on a display monitor. Here you will some of the most important things about graphics cards.

What is the GPU?

Graphical Processing Unit(GPU) is an electronic circuit, a discrete hardware module. A graphics card can have multiple GPUs ( till date we haven’t seen any card with multiple GPU). GPUs are used in embedded systems, mobile phones, personal computers, workstations, and game consoles. Modern GPUs are more capable than CPUs for processing of large block data algorithms. In a PC, a GPU can be present in the motherboard or in a graphics card, or in the APU.

Integrated Graphics cards or Dedicated Graphic cards?

Integrated Graphics are less powerful graphics chips. They generally don’t have their own dedicated memory so they share the memory from RAM in order to render graphics. Integrated graphics chips are also called iGPUs and APUs.

Dedicated Graphics cards are more powerful than integrated graphics cards and APUs. These cards have their own specific memory and bandwidth which increases their power and performance tremendously. These cards also have many features other than integrated graphics.

Which Graphic Card AMD or Nvidia?

Now the question arises which company graphic card should we buy. Both AMD and Nvidia gives something best in their cards, both companies give the best support in terms of software and hardware.

Graphic Card Explained

But when it comes to performance Nvidia is a clear winner as it has the most powerful cards in the world. By saying this we don’t say that AMD doesn’t have powerful cards, AMD also has some of the most powerful cards. So it’s in your hands to choose a card according to you. If your budget is low then go for Nvidia, and if your budget is higher then you can choose a card according to you.

Which is the ideal card to buy 2GB/ 4GB/ 8GB/ 12GB?

Now, this is a very important step to choose among so many different categories of cards. Firstly if you game at 720p screen resolution then the 2GB graphics card is sufficient for you. Secondly, if you game at 1080p then go for the 4GB graphics card. And a 4GB card is ideal for each and every type of work. If you are an extraordinary gamer who plays at very high resolution then only go for 8GB or 12GB graphics cards. I will not recommend 8GB or 12GB graphics card for casual gamers as these cards are very expensive and will be of no use if you buy them blindly.


So before choosing any graphics card please check completely its model and type and buys according to your need. If you do graphics-intensive tasks like gaming, then go for powerful graphics cards. And just for surfing the web or for making a presentation the computer with no graphics (integrated graphics) will also be good for you.

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