How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently | 8 Steps Fully Explained

How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently:- Google Mail (Gmail) is a subsidiary account (product) of a google account. Gmail Account is a primarily mailing account provided by Google itself to its Google Account holders. Google has provided very simple and easy steps to delete its Gmail Account.

The guide for deleting the Gmail account is made especially for you. This guide has reasons, results, consciousness, and solutions for deleting your Gmail Account.

There could be many reasons which forced you to delete your Gmail Address. I have mentioned a few of them which might be one of yours.

1. Hacking of Your Account

Hacking is a major problem that can cause adverse effects economically as well as socially. I suggest you Never delete your account immediately if hacked.

Firstly, go ahead and change your password. Next, report about the hacking of your Gmail. Inform everyone that your account through an alternative account or Facebook. Let your contacts know that your account has been compromised and that emails sent from it may not be coming from you. Finally, close the account down and open a new one.

If you’re being irritated or getting too much spam, you may want to delete your account. However, if you’re being cyberbullied, or otherwise harassed through your Gmail account, you can set up a filter and block the unwanted messages you are getting.

Sometimes, however, the cyberbully or spammer is too determined. They may switch email addresses and continue to send unwanted messages. If this happens, shutting your Gmail account down and opening a new account that the bully doesn’t have the address. This may be your best option. (How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently)

If you don’t use your Gmail account for regular emailing but instead use the address for entering contests or sign up for email newsletters or other articles then your inbox may be full of a mass of unwanted messages.

While the best thing to do is to delete the unwanted messages and unsubscribe from any mailing lists you’re on, the junk may be too overwhelming. You may want a fresh start with a new email address.

It’s also possible to outgrow an email address. If your username is your teenage nickname or refers to your high school and you’re now in your thirties, it may be time to graduate to a grown-up Gmail username.

An unused email account could be a security risk. If you’re not checking your account regularly, you have no way of knowing whether the account is compromised. So the best thing is to delete it forever.

(How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently)

Deleting your email account is a dangerous action and it’s not reversible once done. Here are some of the main problems you could face if you delete your Gmail account:

1) You can no longer able to access your Gmail: The main problem which obviously occurs after deleting your Gmail is that each and every saved message will be lost.

2) No one can Reach You: If your friends, customers, and colleagues are using Gmail to reach you at the deleted Gmail address, they may not contact you. People who don’t know about your new mailing address will try to contact you with an old Gmail address.

3) Associated Account will also be deleted: All your accounts, whether it is your bank account or your social media accounts or your play store account or you’re food delivery service or any other account associated with your email address will be lost automatically.

4) You cannot recover your other account with deleted Gmail:- If you forget a password for an account, most accounts send a reset link to your email address. If your email address is deleted, however, you may have trouble accessing your account. So be aware of that too.

(How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently)

Sadly, Gmail does not recover Gmail addresses currently at this point of time. Once your username has been deleted, it cannot be reused again. This means there’s currently no chance that you can use your deleted Gmail account. Good thing is that no other person can use your deleted Username.

Before Deleting Download your Data

There are very simple steps through which you can transport and download your data from the Google Gmail Account. In a few easy steps, create an archive to keep for your records or use the data in another service. (How To Delete Gmail Account 2018)

Create an archive of your data

1) Visit the ‘Google Download your data’ page. Now sign in to your Google Account.

2) Choose which Google products to include in your download. Select Gmail.

3) Select Next.

4) Choose your archive’s “File type.”

Now choose a method for your archive to be delivered

When your archive is created by using one of these options, Google will email you a link to its location. Depending on the amount of information in your account, this process could take a few minutes or several hours. Most people get the link to their archive the same day that they request it.

Steps for “Deleting Gmail Account” Permanently


How To Delete Google Account Permanently

Open Any browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, etc.)

After that search for Google Account in any search engine.


Ways To Delete Gmail Account Permanently

Now Click on the first link of Google Account Shown in the Image.


How To Delete Account Permanently

Now Sign in to the account.

Choose or type the appropriate account in which you want to delete the Gmail Account.

Then click Enter.

(How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently)


Gmail Account

For confirmation of the account type your password.

Then click Next.


How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently

Here you will see your complete Google account.

From here choose account preferences

Click on the delete your account or services


Delete Gmail Account

Here inside delete your account or services you will see two options.

Delete products and Delete Google Account and Data.

You must click on the delete products.

Seventh Steps:- ENTRE  GOOGLE PASSWORDWays To Delete Gmail Account Permanently

Now once again you have to confirm by typing your password again.

Then Click Next

Eighth Step:- DELETE ICON

Delete Gmail Account Permanently

Now you will reach the main page from where you can choose different Google products to delete.

Choose Gmail and click on the delete icon shown in the image.

Congratulations your account is deleted permanently.

Note:- This is an irreversible step once clicked on the delete icon your Gmail will be deleted forever. So please make sure that you have saved your important documents elsewhere.

Hope you understand How To Delete Your Gmail Account Permanently?… Comment in the comment section down below for any help or query.

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