Ways To Start A Successful YouTube Channel:- Starting a Youtube Channel is the simplest and easiest way of all to earn money and needs no investment. Youtube gets almost about 5 billion video views per day which clearly shows its power on the internet.

You can make millions of dollars on youtube without any investment. But How to Start a Youtube Channel? In this guide, you will know how to make money with the youtube channel.

You will also know that how people are earning their living through youtube.

Who can Start a Youtube Channel?

Anybody can start a youtube channel who has knowledge, skill, or talent and knows how to make videos.

Generally speaking, starting a youtube does not need any skill or talent you can make videos about anything.

Which camera is needed for making youtube Videos?

You can make videos through your mobile camera or any other camera which you feel good and comfortable in your hands.

No need to buy a camera especially for youtube, In the early stage most of the big YouTubers today also begin youtube with their Smartphones camera.

Take your smartphone and start shooting, no need to worry because the content is the king.

How much minute Video is good for youtube?

Making a Video totally depends on you. But a short video is more preferable as compared to long videos as shorter videos tend to get more views.

Generally, videos around 3-6 minutes get more views than a video long in size.

What type of channels can you start?

There are no boundaries for starting a YouTube Channel. You can start with any type of channel which you can do for a long period of time.

According to current trends prank channels, comedy channels, vlogging channels gets the most views and subscribers in a short period of time. But earning wise they did earn less compared to technology channels, beauty channels at the same amount of views.

What Skills are required to Start a Channel?

You don’t need any skill to start a youtube channel. But you should know some basics of recording and editing through mobile or computer.

If you don’t know the basics of recording and editing then you can hire a person or take the help of your friend who knows it.

What is the Right Time to start a Youtube Channel?

You can start your youtube channel right now no need for waiting. Grab your camera shoot something interesting and you are ready.

How to Start a YouTube Channel?

(How To Start A Successful YouTube Channel) For making a youtube channel you just need a Google Account. If you have a google account you don’t need to do anything just go to youtube sign-in and upload the video from the upper right section.

Basic Tips For Youtube:

Create a Youtube Channel around a specific niche or topic. It could be anything such as comedy, technology, fashion, beauty, Recipe, Tutorials, etc.

Keep the name related to your main topic suppose you are starting a gaming channel then you must consider that name should be related to gaming, otherwise, people get confused.

Your topic should have to be broad if you choose a brief topic then you will not get much content for it in long run.

Also, check for the traffic of that topic in related channels, if traffic is good and very few people are working on it then you can also get success in it in the short run if you make good quality content.

Search for the hidden topic which your competitors are missing.

Engage with your audience through commenting on the comment section or through replying and answering the question in separate Q&A videos.

Advance tips for Youtubers

Never mislead your viewers and subscribers as it can cause harm to your channel. Always provide the correct and right information to your viewers as the viewer are smart now they know everything.

Spy your competitors and try to implement things that are good in them. But don’t copy them as it can cause your loss only. Be original and keep working until you don’t get success.

Keep your video and Audio quality clear as it will help your viewers and subscribers understand the topic well.

Try to improve with every video. Repeating the same mistake can cause harm to your channel and you could lose your subscribers.

Experiment new-new things in your channel as it will help you better understand your skill. It is also a good thing which can help you cross your competitors.

The best way to grow your channel is through collaborating with different channels, no matter what they are creating.

How to monetize your Channel?

Join through the Adsense monetization program. It is very simple just apply for the program and after you get approval youtube will start paying you according to advertisements coming in your videos. More traffic means more Revenue.

Note: According to the new youtube policy you must have 4000 hours of watch time and at least 1000 subscribers (including all the channels) to enable monetization.

What are Other Ways to earn on youtube?

These are some of the main sources from where a YouTuber earns money. If a YouTuber gets 10 million views a month then he will be easily earning up to $10000. This amount is minimum and varies from country to country. In western, developed countries people earn more because of high advertising rates whereas in eastern countries people earn less due to less advertising rates.

“The owner of PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) has earned 12 million dollars with his single YouTube Channel in 2017”.

So you can expect how much a YouTuber can earn. If you work smartly then you can also earn like a king.

Here are the other ways through which YouTubers earns money:

Affiliate Marketing: Selling other products for a commission through companies like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Bangood, etc. You can earn just by giving the link in the description box.

Product Advertising: Advertising a product of different companies for some amount of money.

Sponsorship: Paid for promoting the app or product of a particular brand.

Merchandise: Selling own brand products such as T-shirts, jeans, shirts, etc. This is done after establishing your own brand.

Transfering Traffic: Sending traffic to the blog for earning more income. This method is generally adopted by bloggers. You can also do the same.

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