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Apple ARM CPU defeats Intel Core i9 16-inch MacBook Pro

Apple ARM CPU defeats Intel Core i9 16-inch MacBook Pro in benchmarks:- A latest leaked benchmark shows Apple’s custom ARM-based CPU A14X Bionic defeating an Intel i9-powered MacBook Pro by quite a bit. The new chip is most likely coming on November 10 in Apple’s “One More Thing” event.

A device powered by the A14X Bionic processor was reportedly benchmarked in Geekbench 5, the device has not been named. Most probably it was an engineering sample, according to Wccftech. In terms of single-core performance, the A14X Bionic scored a 1634 and a 7220 in multi-core performance.

The chip was somewhat leading over the iPad Air powered by the A14 Bionic processor, which scored 1583 in single-core and 4198 in multi-core.

Meanwhile, the big achievement for the A14X Bionic was it outperformed a 16-inch MacBook Pro which was powered by a flagship Intel Core i9 CPU. The processor scored 1096 in single-core performance and a 6869 in multi-core, which is a great bit following the new Apple’s silicon.

More details revealed about Apple’s A14X Bionic CPU

The current benchmark leak shows new details about Apple’s latest silicon. The new A14X Bionic seems to be an eight-core processor, with a base clock of 1.80GHz, boostable to 3.10GHz.

This is for the first time that any A-series CPU has crossed the 3.0GHz line. But this processor will get tough competition from the Qualcomm side in the windows platform because Qualcomm is also surpassing 3.0GHz in is the chip for the first time.

Most probably Apple will provide more details about A14X Bionic during its “One more thing” event on November 10 itself. Meanwhile, Apple does not go much on the technical specifications during their shows so it will be interesting to be seen.

It will be interesting to notice the reaction of Intel after the “One More Thing” event.

Apple ARM CPU defeats Intel Core i9 16-inch MacBook Pro in benchmarks

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