Best Value original 4K Projector available on the market

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Best Value original 4K Projector available on the market:- The trend of projectors is not going to end soon. Despite lots of large budgets 4k TVs, the projector market keeps on expanding.

Previously projectors use to be expensive and big in size which use to get very hot in a few hours. But as technology improves, the next generation of projectors are coming and one of them of which we are talking about is the Xiaomi Mijia Laser projector.

This Xiaomi projector is an original or true 4k ultra-short-throw projector. The main thing is that this projector can project five feet ie., 150-inch of virtual screen diagonally.

This projector can be placed anywhere so that you could get the immersive experience whether you are using it for home or business purposes.

Despite its expensive price, it is worth buying. You can get this projector on Aliexpress For $1212.67 using this link.

Features of Xiaomi Mijia 4K Laser Projector

1) Enjoy 4K picture with visual sense feast powered by Texas Instruments DLP chip.

2) It can be Directly placed anywhere near the wall to cast an 80 – 150-inch large screen.

3) Ultra short-focus, needed just 24cm from the wall to cast a 100-inch screen.

4) ALPD 3.0 is a cinema-grade laser source technology.

5) Contrast Ratio is 3000:1 for a vivid image.

6) Xiaomi has used DTS-HD and Dolby Audio, High-fidelity audio in an inverted tube speaker with full-range dual-frequency.

7) It has Intelligent cooling with the real-time temperature control fan.

8) The ports include three HDMI, USB 3.0, two audio, optical and Ethernet.

9) It uses a nice MI user interface.

10) Come with both Chinese ( default ) and, English Language.


Operating system: Android 6.0

CPU: T968-H Cortex-A53 4-core

GPU: T830


ROM: 16GB eMMC Flash

Problems in Xiaomi Mijia 4K Laser Projector

1) It doesn’t do HDR-10 output.

2) Projector Lacks voice control.

3) It doesn’t have smart apps.

4) No 3D compatibility

5) No Bluetooth

Final Verdict

According to features and specifications, it is a nice projector which you can get right now. Overall it is a powerful projector. You can grab this through

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