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10 Uses For Artificial Intelligence Powered Smartphones Predicted

10 Uses For ArtificiaI Intelligence Powered Smartphones Predicted By Gartner:- Today Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing at such a rapid speed that soon it will capture the smartphone industry as well. According to technology research firm Gartner, the smartphone market is shifting from selling products to providing personalized experiences. Today more than 80% of smartphones have AI capabilities.

According to Roberta Cozza, research director at Gartner: “Over the next two years, most use cases will still exploit a single AI capability and technology. Going forward, smartphones will combine two or more AI capabilities and technologies to provide more advanced user experiences.”

10 Uses For ArtificiaI Intelligence Powered Smartphones Predicted By Gartner:-

1) User’s digital twin

Smartphones will become smart themselves, capable of identifying their users and predicting their next move. The smartphone will do automatic tasks according to the authority given to it.

2) User authentication improves usability and self-service capabilities

Smartphones will work on the user’s patterns, such as when they move, swipe, apply pressure to the phone, walk, talk scroll, and type, without the need for passwords or active authentications.

3) Emotion recognition – Uses For Artificial Intelligence

The increase in no. of virtual personal assistants and other AI-based technology is making an increase in the need to add emotional intelligence. Emotion-sensing systems will allow smartphones to detect, analyze, process, and respond to people’s emotional states and moods when needed.

4) Natural-Language Understanding

So much improvement and Continuous training and deep learning on smartphones will improve the accuracy of speech recognition in smartphones. Natural language understanding might be used as a real-time voice translator on smartphones especially when traveling abroad.

5) Augmented Reality (AR) and AI Vision

Augmented Reality will be more real and lifelike. You might have seen AR in the Pokemon Go game before. Artificial Intelligence vision will be helpful in identifying body illness or disease.

6) Device Management

The Device Management will be more accurate and will work amazingly which will save the battery on your device and improve performance as well.

7) Personal profiling

The smartphones will collect data for personal profiling, the smartphone will work depending on the activity that is being done in the home, vehicle, office, etc.

8) Content censorship/detection

The software can detect any content that is illegal that violates any laws or policies. The smartphone will be able to detect every image, video, or text that is flagged by the appropriate government.

9) Personal photographing Artificial Intelligence

The Smartphones will be able to automatically click photos if the command is given once. The smartphone will capture every moment which it will analyze as important.

10) Audio analytic ArtificiaI Intelligence

Using the mic in the smartphone user will be able to continuously listen to real-world sounds, AI capability on the device will be capable of play the audio according to the mood of the user.

Conclusion – Uses For ArtificiaI Intelligence

10 Uses For ArtificiaI Intelligence Powered Smartphones Predicted By Gartner:- The future is uncertain but possibilities are unlimited, the AI could really change our world. If the Gartner prediction goes true then the future technology will be more awesome.

What are your views on 10 Uses For ArtificiaI Intelligence Powered Smartphones Predicted By Gartner……Comment in the comment section down below.

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