Snapdragon 845 :Next Gen processor

Snapdragon 835 is still on production and sounds of next gen flagship processor of Qualcomm’s snapdragon is coming in our ear’s. Reports confirms that Snapdragon 845 processor will built on 7nm processing chip. It will be significantly faster up to 30% and 25% battery efficient than previous generation.

Reports coming from different sources also confirms that snapdragon 845 can seen by early of 2018. Report published in a website confirm that the production of 7nm chip was begin in April this year by TSMC. Now the chip is in trial production which means the chip may be soon going to hit the market.

Reports also said that the chip will firstly come in Samsung’s flagship smartphone galaxy s9. It will later come on other high end flagship devices means that we will see this chip early on Samsung’s smart phone.

Report also confirms that 7nm process will also be used by many other tech giants. Huawei, NVIDIA, and MediaTek has already began there development in this process.

The smaller the chip goes more transistors can fit in it. Which make it more powerful and very power efficient. This gives the users of such chip a full on powerhouse in a portable device.

If the above information is true than we are gona get desktop class processor very soon.


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