How To Increase Internet Speed in Windows 10:- Today the internet becomes an integral part of our lives, without the internet, we cannot live a day. Slow internet a major problem we found these days. A new Windows sometimes have a problem of slow internet speed. But through some steps, we could get 100% internet speed on our windows computer. Follow these very simple tips so that you could speed up internet speed in windows 10. These tips will definitely increase the speed of your laptop or pc.

How To Increase Internet Speed in Windows 10

Turn Off Automatic Update

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grow techy51 e1509983845578

Turn Off Automatic Update:-  Due to peer-to-peer software updates windows circulates a small amount of data across several computers and assists everyone to obtain updates quickly. Update delivery in Windows 10 Home and professionals is by default enabled.

  • Firstly Click on the Start button
  • Now go to settings 
  • Click on Update & security 
  • Go to Advanced options 
  • Now Choose how updates are delivered 
  • simply turn off the bar in the middle of the page
  • Now restart your laptop or pc

After doing all the steps your download and page load speed will increase tremendously.

Turn off Reserve Bandwidth

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grow techy 52

Turn off Reserve Bandwidth:- If you are using the windows professional version then this option is for you. This option will increase your internet speed tremendously up to 80%.

Open Run Command by pressing Windows key+R button.

Type gpedit.msc.

Open Local Group Policy Editor>

Go to Computer Configuration>

Administrative Templates> Network>

QoS Packet Scheduler>

Limit Reservable Bandwidth>

Click on Enable>

Bandwith limit %= 0>Click on Apply.

Close all the background processes

Increase Internet Speed in Windows 10

Close all the background processes:- Background application uses your Network data to update their programs and components. Closing background applications will increase your internet speed significantly. Check the right application and close it down.

Open Task Manager by pressing ctrl+ shift+ Esc simultaneously.

Close all the programs which you are not using like- your browser, Steam etc.

Use tools Like Internet booster, Internet Accelerator

How To Increase Internet Speed in Windows 10

Use tools Like Internet booster, Internet Accelerator, etc: Using tools like this helps you very much in increasing your internet speed. This software automatically closes the unwanted program & software and corrects the internet setting. (How To Increase Internet Speed in Windows 10)

Use Internet Downloading Manager (IDM)

How To Increase Internet Speed in Windows 10

Use Internet Downloading Manager (IDM):-  If your internet download speed is not increasing download Internet Download Manager. This software downloads files in packets which increases speed very much as compared to other downloading managers. This will definitely help you in downloading large files.

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