Xiaomi Mi TV 4A, Mi TV 4C, Rs 17000 Mi Home Experience Store

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A, Mi TV 4C, Rs 17000 Mi Home Experience Store:- Xiaomi is ready to launch his new Mi TV series in the Indian market. The company will launch the TV series on March 7 in India. The company has also started the countdown for the TV series launched on its website.

Under this new TV series, the company will bring small and cheap TV models to the country as compared to the 55 inch Mi TV model 4, which was launched by Xiaomi in India last month, at Rs 39,999, with a display of 55 inch India.

Earlier in the week, Xiaomi India chief Manu Kumar Jain and Mi TV head Sudeep Sahu tweeted that the company would launch a new smart TV in India this month. Now, the company’s own e-commerce website has jumped the gun and listed the television model along with price details, sparking off excitement among fans.

With the confirmation of the date of launch, Xiaomi has created an event page on his official website. However, no information about any model is given on this page, which is going to be launched in the Indian market. According to this page, live streaming of the launch event will be done on March 7 from 3 noon.

There is also a ‘Day To Day’ update section on the page, on which some new features can be disclosed before the launch of the TV series. Also, the company is using the #SwitchtoSmart tag, which can be understood that the models of this new TV series will be equipped with Smart FEATURES.

(Xiaomi Mi TV 4A, Mi TV 4C, Rs 17000 Mi Home Experience Store)
It is also expected that this new Mi-TV series model will be of Xiaomi TV4A lineup launched by Xiaomi in March last year. This series includes TVs with 65 inches, 55 inches, and a 49-inch screen.

In July last year, the company also launched the 32-inch mi TV 4A model, which was priced at 1,099 Chinese Yuan (about 11,300 rupees). All of the mi TV4A models come with features such as AI based Speech Recognition, Quad-Core processor, Wi-Fi connectivity, USB and Ethernet ports and Android-based patch wall interfaces.

In addition to the mi TV4A series, Xiaomi has launched the mi TV4C range in October last year. Which comes in a TV series of 43-inch and 55-inch screen size. They have 2 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage.

There was thought that Xiaomi might release 40-inch Mi TV 4A for Rs 17,500 on March 7, but it has come to light that the 43-inch Mi TV 4C will instead make the debut on the coming Wednesday for Rs 27,999.

For those unaware, Mi TV 4C comes in 4K for 55-inch and Full HD for 43-inch models in China. The TVs support HDR 10, HLG, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2, Dolby, and DTS Audio. There’s also a blue light-reducing mode so that it reduces strain on the viewers’ eyes.

The Mi TV 4C is powered by 64-bit class Amlogic T962 quad-core processor.

(Xiaomi Mi TV 4A, Mi TV 4C, Rs 17000 Mi Home Experience Store)

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A, Mi TV 4C, Rs 17000 Mi Home Experience Store
The 43-inch and 55-inch – costs ¥1,849 (around Rs. 19,000) and ¥2,649 (approximately Rs. 27,200) in China, respectively. We believe, the 43-inch model, which is listed for Rs 27,999 in the Mi India e-commerce site, might be probably due to RAM and storage upgrade, as the device is having 3GB RAM and 32GB storage, while the same model in China, comes with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage and also another reason for cost hike, might be due to high import duties.

We just have to wait a few more days to see what Xiaomi has in store for us. The company’s first smart TV for India—Mi TV 4—is a flagship smart TV killer; with the arrival smaller versions for lesser prices, just like the feature-rich and affordable Redmi series phones, Xiaomi will give reigning leaders Samsung and LG, sleepless nights this year.

(Xiaomi Mi TV 4A, Mi TV 4C, Rs 17000 Mi Home Experience Store)

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A, Mi TV 4C, Rs 17000 Mi Home Experience Store

Smartphone company Xiaomi has again taken a giant leap by opening its first Mi Home Experience store in India. The store was launched on Wednesday, February 28 in Chennai. It is not only the first experience store but also the 25th Mi Home store by Xiaomi. The store is available at the Phoenix Market City Mall in Velachery, Chennai.

This launch is a big move by Xiaomi to open its 100th store by 2018. Xiaomi’s Global Vice President, and Managing Director India, Manu Kumar Jain said: “Company’s goal was to have a store where one can not only see the products launched in India but everything that Xiaomi had to offer. This store can be seen as a flagship Mi Home where not only the products but also the ones needed to bring into the market will also be shown.

On the launch day, Jain said “most people think of smartphones whenever Xiaomi is mentioned but there are a host of items that are not sold in India that include car, smart scooters, laptops, robot vacuum cleaners and electric toothbrush. The idea of the Home Experience store is to showcase these products to Indian consumers and to gauge interest in bringing them here. It is important to work out how to customize these products in order to make them successful in India.”

Jain said that: “After Chennai, Xiaomi plans to open two more stores in Delhi and Mumbai.” He said that “Originally Chennai wasn’t the first choice to open the store. We didn’t specifically plan to open in Chennai first, but the idea was, we want to do this, so let’s figure out where we can make this work.”

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