Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Leaks Showing Premium looking Iphone x looks

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Leaks Showing Premium looking Iphone x looks

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Leaks Showing Premium looking Iphone x looks:- Last year Xiaomi launched its first Smartphone with Bezel Less Display which was Mi Mix 2. The phone was got so much appraisal throughout the world as it was the premium phone which directly competes Samsung S8, OnePlus 5T. Now Mi Mix 2s came, which was highly appreciated phone and also influenced by this Mi Mix 2.

The alleged picture of Mi Mix 2s has been leaked and the company is preparing to launch it soon. Obviously, this will be the premium smartphone of the company like the previous Mi Mix smartphone, so its specifications will be high end as well.

A small video has been watched on the internet, which is reportedly on Mi Mix 2s. In this gesture control feature like iPhone X can be seen. This video has been uploaded to YouTube from Channel OnePhones, in which the entire phone is not showing.

The phone which is visible in this video is less than the Mi Mix 2, and the design appears to be Xiaomi. This time the Home button has been removed from the iPhone X and the gesture control is given for the Home button’s features. A similar feature can be seen in this hands-on video, which is being reported to Mi Mix 2s. Only gesture control is shown in this video.

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Xiaomi has not said anything about the Mi Mix 2s at the moment. Since the launch of the Mobile World Congress in a few days from now on, the company is likely to present this smartphone during this time. According to the present reports, the most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor will be provided with 8GB of RAM and 256GB internal memory and will also have dual camera setup like most of the smartphones.

This smartphone could have expected price of Rs 33000 or $509.

Recently Xiaomi also launched its most popular smartphone Redmi Note 5 and its Pro version.

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