Top 10 Ways to Fix WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage Win 10 (Solved)

Top 10 Ways to Fix WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage Win 10:- One of the major problems in the windows 10 operating system is high CPU usage due to the WMI Provider Host. Before Fixing the WMI Provider Host high CPU usage, let’s understand what is this problem. Your PC could heat up and crash due to the WMI Provider Host. As it takes up big amounts of CPU usage and you could also experience a black screen or windows crash.

Understanding WMI provider host 

Windows Management Instrumentation Provider Service (WmiPrvSE.exe) is the full name of the WMI provider host. It manages, commands, and ensures that all the Windows management services operate correctly.

This program works in the background and collects data about other applications. Without this program, it would be problematic for windows to operate correctly.

When it is not working properly, the WMI provider will use a lot of CPU resources. You will also see high disk usage errors as a result of the WMI provider host. This causes the processor to overheat and sometimes become unresponsive because of high resource utilization.

If you are facing this issue don’t worry we are here to help you.

Top 10 Ways to Fix WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage Win 10

1) Restart your PC

Always try restarting your pc if you find any problem and many times it solves the problem but remember it will work only if your problem is basic. It might solve your high CPU usage problem caused by the WMI Provider Host.

2) Use Antivirus for Malware & Viruses

Malware & Viruses are sometimes the primary cause of high CPU utilization and different issues. Attempt to utilize Windows Defender which is true windows 10 antivirus programming. You can likewise utilize a business antivirus and malware expulsion program.

3) Use Software like -Reimage Plus For WMI Provider Host High CPU Fix

Reimage Plus can fix many PC issues, like the blue screen of death, freezes, accidents, and virus problems. Download Now, and once downloaded simply click on it to install. It is extremely simple to use. It can check for viruses and any harm they might have caused, and furthermore replace broken or missing necessary documents by Windows 10.

Reimage can fix PC issues connected with blue screens, crashes and freezes, DLL records, eliminate viruses problems, and more by replacing absent, error-causing damaged documents.

Once you have installed it, it will start to examine your PC or PC and recognize and fix any issues connected with the WMI Provider Host that it finds. The output is free, yet the repair is not. This might address your concern, however, while perhaps not then there are different things you can do.

4) Registry Editing Fix High CPU Usage Issues in Windows 10

One of the fastest ways of fixing WMI provider host issues is by editing the registry on your PC. Follow the simple steps:

i) Press the Windows key + R.

ii) Type in ‘Regedit‘ into the Run box.

iii) Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management in the editor.

iv)Look to right-hand window and find ClearPageFilkeAtShutDown. This will likely be set at 0: 0x00000000 (0).

v) Change the value to 1: 0x00000001 (1).

vi) Restart your computer.

vii) This may resolve the problem for most individuals. If problem still continues then follow the list until the WMI Provider Host issue has been resolved.

5) Reboot WMI Provider Host on Windows 10 Creators Update

Some who have encountered the Windows 10 WmiPrvSE.exe high circle use issue on the Creators Update have found that restarting the WMI Provider Host Service can fix it. That’s what to do,

I) Press the Windows symbol on your console or taskbar alongside the letter R (so press Win + R).

ii) Typing services.msc into the inquiry box and afterward hit Enter.

iii) Scroll down the Service things to choose Windows Management Instrumentation and afterward click Restart.

iv) After clicking Restart reboot your gadget and see if the issue has been settled. In the event that not, then restart some other WMI Provider Host-related administrations. This is what to do:

v) Go back to the Run order (Win key + R) then type in cmd.exe, this takes you to the DOS order brief. Whenever given the choice. Select Run as Administrator.

Type the following into the Command Prompt window with a new line for each, and then press your ‘Enter’ key.

i) net stop iphlpsvc

ii) net stop wscsvc

iii) net stop Winmgmt

iv) net beginning Winmgmt

v) net beginning wscsvc

vi) net beginning iphlpsvc

vii) It ought to seem to be this:


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