WhatsApp Business App Launched On Android Platform & UPI Coming

WhatsApp Business App Launched On Android Platform & UPI Coming

WhatsApp Business App Launched On Android Platform & UPI Coming:- Whatsapp has recently launched Business App for its customers through which Businesses can easily connect with its customers.

Whatsapp says in a statement “It will easier for companies to connect with its customers and this will be more convenient for 1.3 billion customers to chat with businesses directly.

The app will offer personal profiles for a business that will give customers useful information related to business such as email, store addresses, websites etc. The app will also have a messaging tool for quick replying to its customers. This Whatsapp business will also come to your desktop and you can do your work from their as well.

From small shops to large complex all can easily be able to connect with their customer via this new business app. This business app has started working in many countries including Italy, Indonesia, Mexico, UK, US, etc. This app is free to download simply go to play store and download it. The app will also launch in India and other countries very soon.

According to Whatsapp,  Businesses in India and Brazil uses about 80% of their app to communicate with their customer.

Currently, WhatsApp is also working on Unified Payment Interface (UPI). The company officials are busy in contacting with different banks in India and National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Through this UPI customers will be able to directly connect with the businesses and pay them the amount required.


WhatsApp Business App Launched On Android Platform & UPI Coming:- This is an exceptionally great app for the business person. Through this app, many of the companies could deliver their product in a better way to the customer. The app will also increase bonding between seller and buyer. If UPI also comes in future from Whatsapp than this will solve many of the problems of a businessman. In the end, there will be something good for the users only.

What are your views on WhatsApp Business App Launched On Android Platform & UPI Coming…..Comment in the comment section down below.

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