Smart Phone Buying Guide for 2018

Smart Phone Buying Guide for 2018:-   Who doesn’t want a latest smart phone? But do you know that latest is always not the best, sometimes a little older is also a good choice. In this article, you will know smart phone buying guide October 2017-18. This article will definitely help you out in buying a “good smart phone in 2017-18”.

Smart phone buying guideWhat to check before buying a smart phone?

According to there are few important things to check before buying latest smart phone in 2017:-

  1. Brand
  2. Processor
  3. GPU
  4. RAM
  5. ROM
  6. Battery
  7. Software
  8. Features
  9. Reviews & Ratings

Brand:- It is very important to check the brand before buying a smartphone because these days many Chinese and other companies sell fake phone which looks identical to original but actually they are fake. It is also important to check brand’s goodwill because many companies sell phones with defected hardware or software. Try to buy those “smartphones in 2017” which has a service center near your city.

Smart phone buying guideExample:- Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Motorola, Nokia, Google, OnePlus etc.

Processor:- It is a very integral part of a phone on which everything depends, it is also said to be as CPU or brain of a phone. It decides the overall functioning of the of the phone and how fast will it work. It is fully responsible for the speed and performance of the phone without a good processor the phone will not work good and will hang most of the time while using.

Smart phone buying guideExamples:- Snapdragon 835, 821, 820(found in high-end devices) and Snapdragon 435, 430 425(found in budget smartphones).

GPU:- It said to be as Graphical Processing Unit. It is very important for you if you are a game lover. GPU decides how well your smart phone will handle games. So a gamer should choose a processor according to GPU because generally, they are interconnected to each other in phones a higher quality processor will have higher quality GPU, which can run all the graphic intensive task smoothly and easily in your phones.

Smart phone buying guide

Examples:- Adreno 540, 530(found in high-end devices) and Adreno 510, 505, 506(found in mid-range budget smartphones) Nvidia Tegra(found in gaming tablets and smartphones)

RAM:- It said to be as Random Access Memory. It temporarily stores the information and shows us the result. More and faster the RAM faster the phone will work and multiple application can be run simultaneously. RAM gives the phone a plus point in terms of speed and multiple task handling.

Smart phone buying guideExample:- DDR2(older RAM type), DDR3(found in most devices), DDR4 and DDR4x(found in costly or high-end phones) etc.

ROM:- It is said to be as Read Only Memory. It generally used to store content in the phones memory. It is also said as Internal Memory. More the ROM higher the data a user can save on its device. So everything depends on ROM when it comes to storing data.

Smart phone buying guideExamples:- 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB etc.

Battery:- It also said as the lifeline of a phone. A phone is fully dependent on its battery, as if a smart phone has more battery it will work more hours and if a mobile has less battery then it will work for lesser hours. Battery comes in two types lithium-ion, lithium-polymer both types of battery have their specialty as Li-ion battery is cheap and are less power efficient and Li-polymer battery are costly but are thinner and 10% more power efficient.

Smart phone buying guideExamples:- 1500mAh, 2000mAh, 3000mAh, 4000mAh etc.

Software:- It is a very important element of a phone on which everything depends. A phone with faster RAM or Processor does not necessarily mean that the phone will work fast. It is dependent on the software of the phone because of software controls, manages, and allocate different resources from processor and RAM to the screen of the user. So buyer must have to check the Software on a smart phone before buying it.

Smart phone buying guideExample:- Android[found on almost all the devices(customized or noncustomized)], ios(found in Apple devices), Windows(found in Microsoft powered devices).

Features:- It is also important to check the features according to your need as features also decide the value of a phone for the money. Every phone comes with its own features and its in your hands to decide which feature suites you.

Smart phone buying guideExample:- Smart calculator, remote controller, editing app etc.

Review & Ratings:- It is a very important to check the phones ratings and reviews because some phones last long a few days or months after buying and company refuses to repair them in some cases so you must check every aspect of the phone and its reviews and ratings given by the users because it helps a lot in identifying a “best smart phone in 2017”.


We hope that our smart phone buying guide October 2017-18 will help you out in buying a “good smart phone in 2017”. We try to solve your problem and for any query comment in the comment section down below.


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