Qualcomm Started Selling Server Chips Centriq

Qualcomm Started Selling Server Chips Centriq:- Tech Gaint Qualcomm recently launched its Server chips Centriq 2400 in San Jose, California, Silicon Valley. Qualcomm initially disclosed about selling server chip two years ago. After working for three years on this product Qualcomm finally launched this chip.

Qualcomm claims that its chip will outperform its rivals

Qualcomm is trying to capture the server market, recently Qualcomm claims that its chip will outperform Intel’s. The reason behind this is that Qualcomm has support from some of the industry’s biggest buyer of the technology. The company uses the ARM 64bit as well as ARMv8-A technology to compete with Intel.

The Qualcomm Centriq 2400, suitable for parallelized workloads found in hyper scales clouds. These chips have the ability to deliver extreme performance per watt and total cost of ownership.

Centriq 2400 comparison with Intel:

Centriq 2400 series processors are initially available in three variants, the 40-core/2.5GHz Centriq 2434, the 46-core/2.6GHz Centriq 2452 and the 48-core/2.6GHz Centriq 2460. The chips offer single-thread per core architectures that drop in at nearly half the power consumption of Intel’s flagship Xeon chips. The 40-core Centriq 2434, 46-core Centriq 2453, and 48-core Server Chip Centriq 2460 will sell for $888, $1,383 and $1,995 respectively. Meanwhile, Intel’s top-end Xeon Platinum 8180 has an MSRP of a whopping $10,009.

The best part of centriqc is that it is much cheaper than Intel’s Xeon servers. Consumes very less power and an excellent alternative to that of Intel’s.

Qualcomm Started Selling Server Chips Centriq

Vice President and General Manager said:

Chandrasekher, vice president and general manager of data center’s said Qualcomm is targeting Centriq 2400 at cloud companies. Which “develop and maintain their own software, are inclined to take advantage of new technologies, and can optimize these technologies for their environments very quickly. This creates an opportunity for us because we can offer something valuable and potentially grab a reasonably sized piece of the growth in the cloud.”

He added that Qualcomm is “targeting the server CPU portion [of the data center] first because our SoC design capabilities and access to the leading-edge process manufacturing node put us in a strong position to go after this significant industry opportunity. There’s an incumbent in this industry, but we feel that customers are very open to an alternative that brings a tremendous amount of innovation. Additionally, our customers are looking for diversity in their supplier base.”

Centriq comes as Qualcomm executives look to expand the company’s reach beyond mobile devices and into such areas as PCs.

Performance Server Chips Centriq:

Qualcomm’s Server Chips Centriq offer up to 48 single-threaded cores running up to 2.6GHz, manufactured on the 10-nanometer FinFET process. There are six channels of DDR4 memory up to 768GB of total DRAM support with 32 PCIe Gen 3 lanes.

The 48-core Centriq 2460, priced at $1,995, offers 45 percent better performance per watt than Intel’s Xeon Platinum 818 chip.

Qualcomm Started Selling Server Chips Centriq

Analysts have argued that system vendors and data center operators want to see a competitive alternative to Intel. This will boost innovation, keep prices down and protect them from supply chain issues. Arm officials have said their energy-efficient designs offer such an alternative.

Still, Arm is getting some traction. OEMs like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell EMC, Lenovo and Cray all have Arm-based systems for sale.

Top companies at the launch event in SanJose, California were Microsoft, LinkedIn and Alibaba and software makers like Red Hat.



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