Qualcomm Asking Iphone Ban: Iphone X Banned?

Qualcomm Asking Iphone Ban:- As consumers are getting new technology from the tech giants, many new legal cases are also coming related to patent rights, copyright, trademark, etc. Recently Qualcomm has filed a lawsuit against Tech giant Apple. Qualcomm blamed Apple for violating a treaty on 16 separate patents. The news is becoming hotter and hotter day by day as it is reaching to more people.

The Smartphone chipmaker Qualcomm filed a complaint in San Diego’s court and in the United States ITC for ban the sale of Iphone X and Iphone 7 & 8 made with Intel’s chip. Qualcomm claims that Apple has infringed the patent related to Photo editing, dual camera, autofocus, mobile networks, memory designs, bandwidth, power saving tech etc.

This is not the first time when Qualcomm filed the lawsuit against Apple’s Iphone. In the month of July also Qualcomm Asking Iphone Ban to ITC related to the sale of Iphone 7 and Ipad models. In August, the International Trade Commission said that: ”it would investigate the matter and complaint filed by the Qualcomm that Apple is Illegally using its technology in its most selling smartphone”

This all happened because firstly Apple filed a lawsuit related to infringement against Qualcomm in January. Soon after Apple, Qualcomm also filed its lawsuit against tech giant Apple. Now, this is happening again and again with most of the tech companies related to patents and today Qualcomm Asking Iphone Ban.

This battle is not going to be end soon as both the tech giants are doing great in their fields and it is very tough to blame on anyone. Both the companies spend millions and millions of dollar to improve their technologies. Anyone could be wrong or both could be right, putting finger on each other is not a tough task. And the biggest thing is that going to ITC is a common strategy when the companies are engaged in the battles over patent rights.




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