Most Powerful New Intel CPU PC

New Intel CPU

Most Powerful New Intel CPU PC: Intel i9-7980XE:- Intel i9-7980XE processor made many rumors around the globe till it’s release. Firstly people were comparing it with AMD’s Threadripper but with its release, everything was clear that who wins.

New Intel CPU

Things you need to know about Most Powerful New Intel CPU PC: Intel i9-7980XE

Intel i9-7980XE New Intel CPU comes with 18 cores and 36 threads which makes it most powerful processor ever made. This processor gives two fastest cores at higher clock speed and up to 16 cores at lower clock speed.

This processor gives immersive 4k visual output with high-speed memory, storage and the latest hardware and software support. Intel designed this processor in such a way to give faster performance and accuracy for every task.

This processor gives an extreme performance which makes 4k 360 degree video editing faster and easier. It also supports Virtual Reality videos editing on the go.

New Intel CPU comes with Intel’s smart cache technology which gives access to complete cache levels and pre-fetching of data before requests are made by the user. The Smart cache also comes with a new power saving feature. The best part is that it automatically cleans memory according to demand and during the period of inactivity.

Intel i9-7980XE New Intel CPU comes with Intel turbo boost max technology 3.0 which helps in increasing processing power tremendously. This processor is so smart that it directs fastest cores into most critical workload which fulfills the need of power-oriented task. Its improved single thread performance gives the fastest processing performance on the go.

It comes with ready to install SSD’s and Optane memories for blazing fast system responsiveness. This processor Supports quad channel DDR4 2666MHz RAM for multi-tasking. It also supports Thunderbolt 3 Type-c connector which gives transfer speed of  40GB/s. This processor comes with improved hyper-threading technology which deliver’s two processing threads per core. This technology helps in parallel computing which results in faster completion of the task.

New Intel CPU


This New Intel CPU  is an extremely powerful desktop processor. It brings power and performance in your hands. It is capable of doing most critical and performance oriented task easily. This processor is so powerful that it can be used for research and development. But I will not recommend this processor, especially to gamers because it’s very costly and till now no game needs so much CPU performance.


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