Lenovo launched Chromebook with stylus in MWC 2018

Lenovo launched Chromebook with stylus in MWC 2018

Lenovo launched Chromebook with stylus in MWC 2018:- The Chinese technology giant Lenovo has a new three Chromebooks this year, all the three models are designed to be used in schools and colleges. Featuring reinforced joints, ports, and keyboards, and capable of withstanding 30-inch drops. It is the best feature and very essence of ruggedized technology.

The cheapest and the most basic 100e Chromebook, which priced around $219, which gives you an awesome little keyboard with plenty of key travel and zero typing fatigue. The laptop has the 11.6inch screen with the resolution of 136 x 768 and with very bad viewing angles.

I’d highly recommend better stepping up to the $279 300e Chromebook model. This model adds touch, a much-improved display, and a Yoga-style 360-degree hinge for rotating the display. The 300e is also a touch-enabled and accept notes written on its screen with a regular HB2 pencil includes with the laptop. It’s optimized for that purpose, and the pencil works fine without leaving markings on the screen.

The $349 500e Chromebook model has its own stylus and a place for storing it. This provides lag-free input, courtesy of a Chrome OS API that Lenovo has taken advantage in the Chromebook.

 All three laptops have the same screen size and resolution, all three charge via the same USB-C port and the company claims a 10-hour battery life in all the models.
According to the processor or CPU, the 100e and 500e use Intel Celeron processors — N3350 for the lower model, N3450 for the higher model — while the 300e has an ARM-based MediaTek MTK 8173C chip.
The batteries of both the Intel-powered laptops are 42Wh and the 300e has a little more with 45Wh. A final distinction for the 300e is that it has a full-size SD card slot, while the other two machines make do with MicroSD.

With a keyboard so good and a drawing experience that’s superior to vastly more expensive machines, the 500e Chromebook looks like a great little option for a secondary or even tertiary computer. It gets things done, and it promises to survive most accidentals and mishaps, whether at home or at school.

Lenovo will start selling the 300e Chromebook and 500e Chromebook straight away, with the 100e Chromebook following in March.

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