Intel Optane SSD 900P Latest And Most Powerful SSD

Whenever Intel brings the next-generation product in the market, it sets a new standard for every manufacturer. This year also Intel brings it’s brand new technology Intel Optane SSD 900P in the market. The new SSD from Intel brings a new tech in its device. It is 3D XPoint memory technology, a latest nonvolatile memory that gives much higher performance than traditional flash memory.

intel optane ssd 900p

Intel Optane SSD 900P


Intel Optane SSD 900P offers a reading speed of 2500MB/s and a write speed of 2000MB/s. In terms of speed, this SSD is not as fast as Samsung 960 Pro-series. Which gives the reading speed of 3500MB/s and writing speed of 2100MB/s. Intel’s SSD offers extremely demanding workstation workloads these would include 3D rendering, complex simulations, and fast game load times.

This SSD can reduce the rendering time of 7-second clip filled with 1.1 billion particles down from 17.4 to 6.3 hours. For gaining this performance Intel used its latest technology which is 3D XPoint memory.

In terms of capacity, Intel Optane SSD 900P didn’t offer much. Initially, Intel is offering only 280GB and 480GB memory capacities. But these are much more reliable than any other SSD’s in the market.

When it comes to price, Intel SSD’s didn’t come at a cheap price. They are much costly in terms of price and storage capacity. With the PCIe x4 Gen 3 versions, it cost around $389 for a 280GB drive and $699 for the 480GB version. Intel also launched a U.2 drive with a storage capacity of 280GB, pricing at $289.

intel optane ssd 900pBiggest cons of this SSD is that its desktop-only product. This is because desktops are equipped with higher TDP whereas the laptop isn’t. Laptops cannot supply a higher voltage to its M.2 drive so it cannot fit any device with higher voltage recommendation

Intel also gives the five-year warranty for its high-end SSD which is great.

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