Intel 5G Technology is Unveiling in Mobile World Congress

Intel 5G Technology is Unveiling in Mobile World Congress:- Intel is working pretty fast for its 5G modems. While 5G smartphones are still a year away, Intel is looking ahead smartphones and to PCs for the next-generation mobile technology.

The Tech giant has just announced XMM 8000 modems. The modem will power the next-gen 5G notebooks and tablets powered by Intel which will release in the second half of 2019.

According to different sources and from Intel, computer manufacturers such as Dell, HP, and even Microsoft are working on bringing always-connected 5G PCs to the market. So 2019 might be the year when we see a Microsoft Surface, Dell, HP and other companies with 5G built-in.

The obvious benefit of this 5G connectivity is blazing fast speeds, but 5G connectivity could be a boon for productivity as well by reducing latency in the network (around 1-10ms) which should also help in 4k HDR 60fps online gaming.

In upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Intel will also be showing off a 2-in-1 5G concept starting next week. Till Now not much information is available about the specifications of the concept device, the demo will focus on the power of 5G for streaming live video.

There are many theories related to the 5G connectivity. It is said that the max speed of 5G could go around 100Gbps with almost Zero latency.

In reality, 5G is set to change the world of smartphones and laptops. It is great that Intel taking an initiative in making that dream a reality.

Most probably Intel will also showcase devices such as 11ax Wi-Fi. The company is also going to show its 802.11ax Wi-Fi at the Intel booth at the event. Intel said 11ax will be “a critical part of the connected future with 5G.”

Intel is very excited for the event as it also showing off an eSIM functionality, which it says, “is an essential feature for connected PCs.”

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