Hyderabad Startup Presented App to handle unknown calls (IWD)

Hyderabad Startup Presented App to handle unknown calls (IWD)

Hyderabad Startup Presented App to handle unknown calls (IWD):- A day prior to International Women’s Day, a Hyderabad-based start-up company named Entire Apps has launched a mobile app that claims to solve the problem related to nagging which women face time to time. This app helps the people with the contacts.

This Android-based application, Mutual Caller, searches the contact list in order to identify whether there are any similar contacts with the caller. This application gives some reference points that the person calling is known or not known.

Sambasiva Rao Munipalle the founder of Entire Apps said: “his app automatically splits unknown calls into two categories – those with and without mutual contacts.” He added, “In the first case, the app displays the number of mutual contacts and lists details of any two of them.”

Showcasing the app, he said the solution seeks to solve another problem of accessing the contacts when people don’t have their phones with them.

He said: Besides giving them a web access to their contact list using their login credentials, the Virtual Caller feature in the app gives the users access to their contact data from any other mobile. “It won’t store the contact data while they access the data in other phones.

The new app for Android phones comes with inbuilt Virtual Caller feature that lets users access mobile contacts data anytime from any other mobile or on the web at www.mutualcaller.com. The access to contacts data from others’ mobiles or laptops is based on users submitting their distinct credentials (username and password).

The founder Sambasiva also said: “Aware of the high incidence of harassment calls, women generally avoid all unknown calls and in the bargain lose out on some important calls too. Mutual Caller applies call screening to unknown calls, helping women separate the unwanted ones from the unknown calls. So, no more qualms for women over taking or rejecting unknown calls.”

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