Google Assistant Coming to Android 5 & Jio Phone

Google Assistant Coming to Android 5 & Jio Phone:- US technology company Google has announced that it has begun rollout of Google Assistant on older Android 5.0 Lollipop smartphones. The is also going to release Google Assistant for Android tablet sooner than Android Marshmallow (6.0) and Android Nougat (7.0).

With the help of Google Assistant, you can get information like weather, news, cricket scores and stock prices etc. According to the company, once the update hits your device, you will be given the option to choose. If you decide to do this, you will be able to see the Google app icon among “All Apps”.

Google Assistant Coming to Android 5 & Jio Phone

Google Assistance Coming to Android 5 & Jio Phone

Jio Phone Google Assistant:- Currently, Reliance Retail’s Smart Feature Phone Jiocphone team is working on the Google Assistant. The company is in its preparation and will send an update to Jiocphone customers about this. Sources of Reliance Jio confirmed that Google Assistant could be sent around 25th of this month. It will come as an operating system (OS) update and will be visible on the phone.

It is worth noting that the major technology company Google recently announced that it will present a special version of Jio Phone Google Assistant for Jiophone. Based on Google Assistant Artificial Intelligence the app works as per the user’s instruction or on the say (voice).

Google has introduced it for the first time in a feature phone for the world. Google spokesman says Google Assistant for Jiophone will be in two languages currently in English and Hindi. Well, Jio Phone has a similar app Already ie., Jio-Jio. The app was made by Jio for Jio phones only. Whereas Google Assistant works on millions of Android and iOS-based smartphones worldwide.

Sources on a question said that Jio Phone will be working on both Halo and Google Assistant for the time being. Users such as User Call, SMS and Internet Search will be able to do this with both voice commands.

Hello, Jio works in nine languages, including Hindi and English. It is notable that by targeting the large population of the country using the feature phone, Reliance Jio introduced Jio phone whose effective price is zero.

The company announced that the phone can be purchased for Rs 1,500 and amount will be refunded in 36 months in two installments. In the first phase in August, there were reports of pre-booking of approximately 60 lakh Jio phones. The company has started the supply of it.


Google Assistant Coming to Android 5 & Jio Phone:-  Google Assistant is an awesome application which easily understands and recognizes the voice. It is great to have Google Assistant in the older lollipop phone. And also good for those who have pre-ordered Jio phones because they will also get benefited from such an amazing application.

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