Future Gaming & Gaming Industry (BLOG)

Future Gaming & Gaming Industry

Future Gaming & Gaming Industry:- Today I was thinking to write something but I was not getting the topic but suddenly an idea came to in my mind. The idea was Future Gaming & Gaming Industry. Gaming is always exciting and fun to me and mostly everybody like games.

I had started seeing more and more people connecting to gaming with the increasing number of internet users around the globe. Now it seems like everyone is crazy about gaming and gaming industry. These days people are more interested in gaming than any other thing, people forget their work because of games.

But how long this industry will go? I think there is no end to this as it is growing and growing and not looking back. Now the small-small children are developing games and application which shows that it is the beginning. This gaming industry is going to be about 5times larger in 2025.

Nowadays Artificial Intelligence is growing at a very rapid speed and soon it is going to change whole gaming experience. The virtual world will go alive and gaming will be truly lifelike. Many technological giant companies are working in this field and in a few years, we are going to experience it.

The hardware of every device is going to be incredibly powerful, it will be like putting a supercomputer in the pocket. Soon every game is going to come in Virtual Reality platform which will enhance the gaming experience to no limits. The gaming will be so real that it will be tough to difference between the real world and virtual world.

The software’s are advancing at a very rapid speed, all the technology companies are updating and upgrading their software on the weekly and monthly basis.

The profit of these game making companies are going to be doubled or tripled by 2025. This is a huge opportunity for those who are game makers and programmers.

It will be an amazing feeling when we get such technology in our hand. This change in the gaming world is going to be so exciting and lovely.

These are my personal thoughts related to Future Gaming & Gaming Industry……..what are yours?…….comment in the comment section down below.

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