Biggest collaboration of Intel and ARM for 10nm Chip

Biggest collaboration of Intel and ARM for 10nm Chip:-When we talk about processors one name always comes to our mind that is Intel. In past so many years Intel is the ruler in desktop and laptop processor manufacturing world. But when it comes to mobile processors Intel doesn’t hold a good place. Now Intel is trying to make its position strong in terms of mobile chips. For this Intel collaborated with the well-known brand ARM.

Biggest collaboration of Intel and ARM for 10nm Chip

Biggest collaboration of Intel and ARM for 10nm Chip:-

Recently at the ARM Tech Conference 2017, held in Santa Clara the UK chip designer shared a lot of details. ARM tried to give a message of deepening ties with Intel. This year Apple released its new phones with A11 chips. These chips are uniquely designed and run all six cores in high-performance mode if needed. The processor blazes ahead of the competition in benchmark showing highest results ever. Today ARM collaborated with Intel for 22nm and 10nm chips.

The biggest announcement with respect to the development is ARM’s intention to build IPs for Intel’s 22nm finFET node. This process focused specifically around the Cortex A55 to run at 2.35 GHz in mid-range Smartphones. Intel claims that its 22nm node will feature 100x lower leakage, 30% more performance, and 20% die shrink compared to the 28nm process. For 10nm, Intel and ARM had already collaborated and now testing the chip. This 10nm process will open doors for the many new smartphones in the world. The chip will feature next-gen Cortex-A series technology and expected to hit the market before the end of this year.

This chip will run at a clock speed of 3.5GHz @ 0.25mW/MHz. For comparison, the Snapdragon 821’s Kyro runs approx at 2W. This a very big difference and is very capable of pushing the boundaries of current Cortex performance.

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