Beta WhatsApp New Features Coming in 2018

Beta WhatsApp New Features Coming in 2018

Beta WhatsApp New Features Coming in 2018:- The most widely used instant messaging app in the world, WhatsApp is coming up with some new features which can be quite interesting. These features will be coming to “WhatsApp Android users”, “WhatsApp iPhone users”, and “WhatsApp PC users”. These features include tap to unblock, shake to report, private reply group and some other new options. Recently a video in Picture mode has been given in WhatsApp, under which video can be seen in the chat itself.

Whatsapp new features are currently available in its beta version. These WhatsApp features are expected to come in the stable version in the new year ie., 2018. WhatsApp Beta version has 5 new features Soon these features are expected to be available to the general public. In this, Group Admin is going to get more power and video calling is also going to be amazing.

Beta WhatsApp New Features Coming in 2018:

WhatsApp Beta version has 5 new features coming in 2018 with a stable version:

  • Private Replies
  • Group video mode
  • Tap to Unblock User
  • New Invite Via Link Shortcut
  • Admin Settings

You can reply to the private message of any person from a message group of WhatsApp users. Although it can still be done, there is no special option, you can make private messages by selecting it. You can make private messages without leaving the chat window under this feature. Apart from this, there is a multitasking feature through which you can watch YouTube videos during the chat.

In the coming days, if you have any problem on Whatsapp or if there is any problem in using it, you can use the shake feature. Only by shaking, you can complain about that problem from the WhatsApp app.

Apart from all these features, there is a group calling feature in “WhatsApp beta version”. According to the report, Admin Settings will add a new tab to the WhatsApp app where two options include Forward, Send Message and Edit Group Info.


Beta WhatsApp New Features Coming in 2018:- The new WhatsApp features are really interesting and will be really useful to all the users. The best feature among all is private replies and group video call. These features are really gonna solve our most of the problem related to the privacy.

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