Andromeda device Microsoft Next Generation Folding Device

Andromeda device Microsoft Next Generation Folding Device

Andromeda device Microsoft Next Generation Folding Device:- Recently software giant Microsoft had registered a patent titled as “Hinge with free-stop function”. Rumors of Microsoft’s this patent point towards the upcoming folding device. This technology could be seen in the upcoming folding device from Microsoft named  Andromeda device.

This Andromeda device could have minimum dual-displays with a hinge mechanism which could rotate a display in full 360 degrees. This upcoming device could have lots of features which we have not seen on any device before.

According to the software giant Microsoft that the increasing demand and popularity for dual-displays is the main reason they are working on such technology. In this era, increasing the display size of the smartphone means increasing there size itself. So this will not be comfortable for most of the people in today’s fast and growing world.

This is only a patent among many which point towards Microsoft’s upcoming folding device and continued interest in a foldable dual-display device. You can the information related to this Andromeda device Microsoft Next Generation Folding Device patent in this patent application.

Other Companies working on such projects

This seems good, but this is not the latest technology which Microsoft is bringing. Two months back smartphone maker ZTE started selling its folding smartphone named “the Axon”. Now technology giant Samsung is also investing its money in folding devices, the reports confirm that the company could release it in 2018.

Earlier this year, rumors regarding Apple and LG  working on a secret project was spread. This could be folding iPhones that could be released in coming years.


Andromeda device Microsoft Next Generation Folding Device:- The information and rumors related to such folding devices are coming since 2012. If such technology comes in phones which could be folded then this will be a huge achievement.

Whatever will happens in future will bring something good out of it. As we hope for better future for all.

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