Artificial Intelligence: Facebook preventing suicide?

Facebook preventing suicide

Facebook preventing suicide:- Social Media giant and technology company Facebook recently claimed that its Artificial Intelligence and highly advance algorithm will help in identifying potential suicides. The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg announced this on his blog.

The algorithm is so well made that it detects patterns in posts and videos that contains thoughts and feelings related to suicide. Facebook claimed that he saved more than 100 people through its new AI.

The social media giant’s AI looks in the pictures, videos, text, live videos and identify the people who want to do suicide. The Facebook team monitors each and every video, text which they felt as suspicious.

The best part is that the Facebook is within everyone’s reach and most of the people in the world are directly or indirectly engaged in facebook. So it’s easy to save the life’s of many people around the globe through this great artificial intelligence tool.

In a statement, Facebook preventing suicide in September said: “we are working with suicide prevention patterns in India and group names associated with online challenges encouraging suicide”.

Facebook preventing suicide has a team of specialist and experts who identify the possible threats of suicide through the AI and Algorithm made by the facebook.

Facebook also said that: “we have specialized teams working around the world 24/7, who review reports that come in the prioritize the most serious reports. We provide a number of support options to the people to reach out a friend”.

Begin from 10th September, on suicide prevention day. This initiative would connect the people around the globe with information about supportive groups and suicide prevention tool in Newsfeed.

This AI and algorithm is so awesome that it can save the life of millions of people across the world. The facebook is working really hard to improve this tool so that it can identify the people without any fault and save their life.

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